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Enable significant improvement to mental hygiene throughout the Roaring Fork Valley and beyond.

Please sponsor Changing Brains, Changing Lives Symposium and help expand knowledge of mental health throughout our community.

Sponsorship Benefits

The following Sponsorship Benefits will be provided to all sponsors:

  1. Aspen Strong will present your logo including website link (if applicable) as a symposium sponsor on our symposium webpage:
  2. Aspen Strong will promote sponsorship Changing Brains Changing Lives through social media outlets
  3. Your sponsorship will support cost of speaker fees, travel, venue, symposium meals, dinner event for speakers & sponsors, cost of production/staff fees, marketing, and scholarships to the community– unless directed to specific support. Profits will support Aspen Strong’s mission.
  4. If your organization wishes to sponsor a specific cost or scholarship money for a particular organization or group, or wishes to create their own sponsorship package, please let Aspen Strong know how we can meet your needs.

Local businesses and non-profits packages are available. We will work with your organization to support your staff.


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